Keiko Goto incorporates an inspiring blend of east and west culture into her striking prints which can be seen in her work as she invites you on a journey back through her rural childhood experiences and love of people and landscapes. This fusion was born from her continuous movement around the globe with Keiko living in the United Kingdom, Russia and Australia as well as her original home of Tokyo.

Her style of photography was developed while studying photography under Kazuo Kitai who is renowned for his passion for black and white photography using Leica cameras. This passion was soon shared by Keiko who studied not only photography but dark room techniques. Keiko incorporates these learning’s into her artwork by continuing to use mainly 1938 Leica IIIb camera with a Sumicron lens from which she develops her own remarkable black and white prints, using Leica Focomat Ic built between 1950 to 1977.


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Solo Exhibitions

2019 – Night Jewels, Tacit Galleries, Melbourne, Australia
18 – Zen by 35mm, Tacit Galleries, Melbourne, Australia
17 – Sea of Compatriots, Coal-Pit Gallery, Iwaki, Japan
17 – Gentle Giant, Commonwealth Bank Brisbane, Main Branch
17 – Infinity, Tacit Contemporary Art Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
16 – Queensland Outback, Commonwealth Bank Brisbane Main Branch
16 – Beneath Tranquillity, Tacit Contemporary Art, Melbourne, Australia
15 – Sakhalin, Colour Factory Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
15 – Australian Country Town, Olympus Gallery in Tokyo, Japan
14 – Four Seasons in Sakhalin, 10×8 Gallery, Sydney, Australia
14 – Four Seasons in Sakhalin, Coal-Pit Gallery, Iwaki, Japan
13 – Nogliki (Sakhalin, Russia), Olympus Gallery in Tokyo, Japan
13 – Grenfell, One One One Eagle Street, Brisbane, Australia
11 – Four Seasons in Sakhalin, Olympus Gallery in Tokyo, Japan
10 – Sakhalin, Zima Camp, Sakhalin, Russia
10 – Life in a Jungle Cambodia, Zima Camp, Sakhalin, Russia

Group Exhibitions

2020 – Tokyo 8×10 Exhibition 2020, Tokyo, Japan
20 – Print Exposed 2020, Gold Street Studio Gallery, Victoria, Australia
20 – 20[2020] Celebrating 20 Years, Tacit Galleries, Melbourne, Australia
19 – Under The Southern Sun (Part of World Cyanotype Day 2019), Australia to USA tour. (Brisbane, Texas, New Orleans, Sydney, Melbourne)
19 – Explorations by the Fine Monochrome Print Group, Richard Randle Studio, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
19 – Departure from Reality, Redcliff Art Gallery, Queensland, Australia 
18 – Gold Street Studio Gallery, Victoria, Australia
18 – Beyond Media – Large format and Traditional Craft Photography
Exhibition, Tianjin, China
14 – Launch of December at 10×8 Gallery, Sydney, Australia
07 – Cafés throughout the world, Art Space Motor, Tokyo, Japan
06 – Performers on Charles Bridge, Art Space Motor, Tokyo, Japan
06 – Metal Globe in Chicago, Art Space Motor, Tokyo, Japan
02 – Zooming In, Tokyo American Club, Tokyo, Japan

2019 – Selected to be exhibited for The 3rd International Photograph Symposium 2019 Linshui Photography Festival, China
17 – Award of Excellence, 2017 No3 Soto Zen Photo Contest, Japan
16 – 3rd Prize, Brisbane Club Open Photography Competition, Australia

2018 – Exhibition Catalogue by Tacit Art, ISBN 13:978-1-925858-09-9