The Black and White original prints from negatives are printed by Keiko Goto in a darkroom. Each photograph has the photographer’s signature and the serial number.

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8×10 inches (20.3cmx25.4cm)
10×12 inches (25.4cmx30.5cm)
11×14 inches (27.9cmx35.6cm)
14×17 inches (35.6cmx43.2cm)
16×20 inches (40.6cmx50.8cm)
18×22 inches (45.7cmx56.0cm)
20×24 inches (50.8cmx61.0cm)

• Please note that the sizes are approximate, as depending on the maker of the paper, the size may vary slightly.
• These original prints are done in Tokyo and will be posted to you. Please enquire for the cost of the original prints. Postage and insurance (if applicable) are extra.
• Please ask for advice about framing at any time.
• If you would like to order a print, please send an email to (Refer to Contact section)