Apart from my current cyanotype group exhibition in USA titled “Land Sea Sky 2019 World Cyanotype Day”, I have my solo exhibition starting on 13th November in Melbourne at the wonderful Tacit Galleries.

Title :  Night Jewels

Gallery : Tacit Galleries, Collingwood Melbourne Australia

Duration : 13 Nov – 8 Dec 2019 (Opening on 13 Nov)


I have been concentrating in Black and White monochrome in the past, but the old analogue printing method of cyanotype really fits these night photography images. Night photography requires its own unique set of techniques from normal photography not to mention the lonely world of your own in dark and often in cold weather.  However, it has been attracting me for a long time. At night the world turns to blue black with bright stars shinning in the sky reminding us that the earth is not the only place in universe.  We are a part of very wide world beyond.  Using this very old printing method and making my own photographic paper and developing prints by hand give very painterly and personal feel to the photographs.  I felt I finally found the right tool to express the world of night photographs with cyanotype prints. The blue and white represent the water, air, universe and light of the stars.  The very subtle tones of mangrove in shallow waters, reflection of star trails on the shallow waters of a lake, the different shades of night sky with Milky Way are all captured by camera lens and transformed into images on 100% cotton paper.   Along with the texture of paper surfaces, all adds up to unique artistic prints.


At this exhibition, I would like to take you through the wonderful world of night photographs in cobalt blue.

More information about my own prints will be in my Facebook site Keiko Goto Photography.